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I have created 5 ways for you to work with me and optimize your reproductive health to achieve your vitality goals. These options include 1:1 private coaching, comprehensive courses, podcasts, 12-week programs, and group calls, allowing you to choose a level that suits your lifestyle and budget.

01 - Membership >>>

Join my community of wellness enthusiasts with full access to monthly courses, podcasts, webinars, and recipes for a holistic experience. Think of it as DIY reproductive and fertility health portal, with me as your guide! Read more...

02 - 1:1 Coaching >>>

Get a personalized, one-on-one experience to align your health goals with expert guidance. Read more...

03 - Podcast >>>

Tune in to my inspiring interviews on self-care, latest trends, current health freedom issues, and authentic discussions for thriving through modern women's health challenges. Read more...

04 - Industry Training >>>

Take part in my group training to gain new insights and grow your wellness business. Read more...

05 - The Baby Blueprint Program >>>

Join my12-week program for fertility and reproductive health to increase your chances of conception. Read more...

Hey Babes!

I'm Holly, your new reproductive and fertility coach. I'm a wellness visionary who believes in harnessing the power of your body for optimal vitality. As a passionate educator, I'll help you tap into your body's wisdom and become your best self.

Welcome to the Women Series Community! Our safe and open space is dedicated to empowering you on your journey towards reproductive, mental, physical, and spiritual vitality. Join us as we build confidence, embrace growth, and live life to the fullest. We're in this together!

The Baby Blueprint 12 Week Program

Discover how to have a baby naturally – even if you’ve been told IVF is the only way!


What my clients have to say!

I can't begin to thank you enough for the 1:1 on coaching. Within 6 months you absolutely guided and educated me on womens fertility. And ultimately corrected all the misconceptions women born in the 90s had been "taught" about their bodies. I came to you to correct my insomnia. It was the catalyst behind my willingness to live a healthier life. Through the process I gained so much more. You educated me, pulled me into line when I needed it, and most importantly cheered me on when I achieved new milestones. You empowered me to understand my natural cycle so I can heal physically, mentally and emotionally. These valuable lessons aren't just temporary investments but life long lessons that I will carry with me forever. My endometriosis is in the healthiest state is has ever been. Without your knowledge and coaching I would still be struggling. From the bottom of my heart I am so grateful to you. Wishing you an abudance of strength and success always 🤎. From your happy and well sleeping client,


Before working with Holly my gut health was in a really bad way. I was chronically stressed and anxious, I was fatigued and had joint pain. Leaving the house and not knowing where the closest toilet might be was a very big concern for me. I had seen gastroenterologists, naturopaths and been to a specialist gut centre in Sydney where I was put on an antibiotic regime that cost me thousands of dollars. My gut symptoms were often brushed off as IBS and nothing really helped. The approaches used by the practitioners I saw were like bandaids and never addressed the root cause of my symptoms. Holly was very different from the get go. She helped me strip the layers back and get back to basics. Her confidence and no BS approach got me better than I had been in a very long time. She made me realise I had a lot of mental baggage that was impacting my gut health. When she felt she had helped me all that she could, she didn’t hesitate at all in referring me onto her colleague Jack. He was also fabulous.
It wasn’t a quick fix or an easy process but with her guidance my symptoms have improved remarkably and I look forward to working with her in the future when my partner and I are ready to conceive again.


Before working with Holly, I had an average relationship with food and in turn my body. I had severe digestive issues which led to many side effects but most importantly stopped me from doing things that I loved because I would be in so much pain. I had seen so many doctors for my digestive issues and it was never resolved. Working with Holly taught me how much as women we aren’t taught about our own bodies!
After working with Holly, I now have a great relationship with food that has flowed onto appreciating and loving my body because what Holly teaches is natural, simple and easy to adopt! If you are looking for someone to change your life for the better Holly is your girl! She is a portal of knowledge that has been so helpful for me and my life. I owe my health and healing to Holly.


We came to Holly due to being overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting information we were receiving about infertility and the road to IVF. Holly’s straight up, informative approach gave us the confidence and patience to get things right and feel comfortable with our decisions moving forward. Holly tackles sessions collaboratively with a focus on the importance of both the male and female roles in this process. It was refreshing to have a health professional be able to voice their opinion and offer advice on which way to go with conviction, backed up with well researched fact that gave us the comfort and certainty we had been lacking previously. We would highly recommend investing in Holly’s program, it was rewarding, cut through all the ambiguity, gave clarity, direction and a great foundation for the road ahead.

Fi & Karim

I reached out to Holly when I was feeling super low in my health and self confidence and it was the best desicion I have ever made! For 10 years I had been back and forth with my doctor about coming off the contraceptive pill to which my concerns were always ignored and shut down and I was told that all of my problematic periods are perfect when on the pill and therefore why would I come off, even though being on the pill was never in alignment with me. Fast forward to working with Holly, I successfully transitioned off the contraceptive pill with the most regular, pain free and predictable periods ever. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome and am so happy reaping all of the benefits of living in my best health, Holly is truly an expert in all things women health!

Nikki G

I worked with Holly over a large part of 20/21. Holly had a no nonsense approach and a passion for holistic health that I had not encountered before (and I work within the healthcare system). I started as an exhausted shift worker living off sugar, caffeine and bad food to keep me going.
After a diet change, gut protocol, introducing meditation and along with other self care tips I am now healthier than ever and didn't realise my body could run so well! My sleep is amazing, my mental health is the strongest it has ever been. I am able to control my stress and set boundaries to ensure my health comes first. Holly is an absolute asset to anybody wanting to put their health first.


Working with Holly has been life changing for me ! After being let down by health professionals who couldn’t help me I had almost given up on healing. Then I found Holly who listened to my concerns, helped me find a diagnosis and further educated me on treatment. I love that she focuses on all aspects of health and provides thorough education and support. I have learnt so much about the healing journey and myself. Thanks for giving me my life back Hol 💗 I’m beyond grateful !


I’ve been working with Holly for 6 months now, and when I say it’s been life changing that doesn’t even begin to touch the sides.
Not only has my transformation been physical, it’s been internal, mental and spiritual. She has taught me so much about my body and my mind, and how to care for it properly. I now make conscious decisions and think before I consume anything and ask myself ‘is this going to benefit me’ instead of making poor choices and suffering the consequences later. This women is nothing short of a queen in the holistic industry!


I would recommend anyone thinking about investing in their knowledge 100% go and work with Holly.

She is someone who provides you with up to date evidence, practical tools and advice so you can be pro-choice when it comes to your health.

She dives deep into women’s health, biochemistry, nutrition, hormones (and so much more) and has this innate talent where she explains the science and allows you to question your actions, emotions and surroundings. Holly is thorough, supportive, responsive and so passionate it is cantagious you just keep going back for more.

Holly genuinely wants you to thrive in every way from your business to health. Each and every week I learn so that I can actually apply.

I can not recommend her enough as a mentor, coach and practitioner. If you want to level up on your health and become a better coach 👉🏻 do it!

Belle Hawkins

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help over the last few months working together. It’s been amazing to see the change in the way I am feeling as a result of your guidance. Things that I thought were impossible a year ago, my menstrual health has improved significantly, and I think I could confidently go back to the GP and say ‘here, shove the anti depressants you prescribed cos you said my vagina was depressed!’.

I feel so much more educated now on the female human body, and have learnt lessons that I will take with me forever, and for that I am eternally grateful. I’ve already told some friends who are looking at conceiving in the next year or so to get in touch with you, but I know you are also looking at conceiving one of your own so I wish you the best of luck on that.

Mads Jovanov

Hey Holly. I just wanted to voice how grateful I am for everything you have helped me through. Within months you have taken more action and asked more questions than what any GP has asked me my whole life. You’ve shown me how important the fundamentals are and how easy a balanced lifestyle can really be, you’ve taught me patience, you’ve not only helped me with my skin, hormones and gut but I’ve never felt so mentally clear and happy within myself. I’ve been focusing on myself more spiritually, this is an area I’m continuously finding myself doing more research on. You’ve shown me there is so much more to the female body and I’m obsessed with discovering more to not only better myself but so I can give back to those around me. I’ve never felt so certain about my direction. So thank you for changing so much in my life and I will be forever grateful.

Mads Everitt

Holly is an absolute ‘google search’ of knowledge! I’m so thankful I reached out to her after months of trying to fall pregnant. Within minutes I felt comfortable and confident that I had found the right person to help. The mental and physical nourishment encouraged by Holly changed my hormonal profile and within months we fell pregnant, naturally! She is a total badass and I believe her passion and drive to empower women is and will continue to make a lasting impact surrounding the current culture of women’s health!

Rhiannon May

Working with Holly has changed my life! Her knowledge, experience and guidance gave me the confidence to transition off the OCP completely (after 18 years!) and manage endometriosis naturally. I have a whole new appreciation for my body and what it will do for me in return if I nourish myself with good foods, self love, and a positive mindset. I have never felt better, and I have Holly to thank entirely.

I have had the absolute pleasure of being mentored by Holly and I can safety say it is one of the best investments I have chose to help me better myself as a coach, help my clients get results and expand my career. Not only does she cover vital information on female health, training and lifestyle. She also goes in depth with coaching skills.  It’s one thing to understand the human body however it’s another being able to communicate, get them on the same page to get compliance and get the best results in a completely tailored approach. Holly has helped me link these two with a holistic approach to get the best results for my clients. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Laura Morel

I have been working with Holly for over 4 months now, and it is without a doubt THE BEST investment I have made for myself and my career. Holly has provided me with education I needed to have a deeper understanding of the women I am working with, and better yet, myself too. I have the space to ask the questions I need answered to support my clients health, and performance. Not to mention that Holly has honestly been so powerful in empowering me as woman and a coach, all awhile hitting some serious banter along the way!


Holly and Jacks knowledge on all things women’s health was absolutely mind blowing. Having studied a bachelor of medical science, I was impressed by their rich knowledge and precise articulation on a range of complex topics. Their teaching style was easy to follow, and they made learning fun and relatable for any individual wishing to further their understanding of the female body.

Chloe Jackson

After almost 10 years of battling with serve endometriosis, I had basically lost control of my own body and had totally succumb to this horrible disease both physically and mentally. And then I met Holly! I have only been working with H for six months and cannot even begin to put into words the positive impact she has already had on me, not only on my holistic health but on a personal level as well. What I love about Holly is that she is relatable, SO smart, incredibly empathetic, non judgmental and 100% holds me accountable which is where the magic happens! Holly doesn’t preach at me, she takes the time to educate me and as a result I am empowered to take back control of my own body, kick this endometriosis’s ass to the curb and to get to, and remain at optimal health again.

Rhiannon Bell

“Before Holly I had given up; on myself and getting a cycle back. I had given it to what the doctors and specialists had told me which was to go back on the pill and simply take medication when I wanted to have a baby. When I met Holly my life changed. She showed me that I can in fact heal myself through diet, self-care and herbal supplementation. She has been my guiding light”

Caterina Bozzi

Holly! Thank you for being the support I never thought I needed. Before I met holly I was depressed, stressed and completely engulfed in my weight problems. Holly enabled me to focus on myself as the most important and the number one lesson I’ve learnt is to really appreciate yourself and all the amazing things you and your body achieve. After being diagnosed with PCOS Holly enabled me to lose a massive 10 kilos with absolutely no calorie counting or strenuous exercise but working on my gluten free and dairy free diet as well as working on my stress and mental health! Thank you Holly for everything, I can’t wait to continue and see what else we can achieve together!

Tiana Vass

Working with Holly over the last year has literally changed my life. I am now so much more aware of my health and what I am doing to support it and I am 100% reaping the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. Through Holly's education and guidance, I have experienced a plethora of health improvements which have presented through my digestion and gut health, the quality of sleep I now get, my energy levels, my skin which FINALLY started to clear up, and these days I am also able to manage my stress a whole lot better. Holly is FULL of wisdom when it comes to Women's health and I'd recommend anyone wanting to take back control of their health, to work with her".

Rebekah Lock

Holly has tremendously helped me achieve my overall health goals and I couldn’t be more grateful. Her natural approach has put me at ease and taught me so much. My initial goal that prompted me to reach out was to help balance my hormones. We’ve since worked through ridding a stomach parasite, reduced bloating and facial breakouts, improved overall health and happiness... and my biggest achievement yet - we’ve fallen pregnant on our first time trying, despite all of my concerns of premature menopause. I can’t thank her enough and look forward to our ongoing journey to better health together!

Tori Brown

I’ve been working with Holly as a mentor for a few months now and am LOVING IT SICK. She has a ‘no bull shit’ approach and says it how it is, from a really caring place. She has so much knowledge and is so willing to share it, we have great banter on each call - so I’m learning about myself, my body and my health, I’m getting equipped with better tools to help my clients with and each call is a vibe to be on 🔥 In the short time Holly’s been mentoring me, she’s helped me learn more about my cycle and the menstrual cycle in general, my skin has improved, I’m eating better quality foods, my gut health has improved, I’m less bloated, and I feel more empowered as a human to go kick ass in life. Also, the education resources we get access to in The Women Series portal are dope AF 🤤

Jess Ryan

To say the very least working with Holly has absolutely changed my outlook on life and my body. I suffered from gut, acne and period pain issues since I stopped the pill and did not start seeing results until I met Holly. Her approach is straight forward & non restrictive when it comes to food and exercise. It has been so exiting watching my body change month to month not only on the outside but internally to. I look forward to continuing this lifestyle even once my time with Holly is up. I can honestly say I’m proud to be female and I’m finally in tune with my body.❤️🌼

Lidia DeMarco

I started working with Holly through lockdown in May last year. I am so happy with the progress I made with her. I was suffering from an irregular and very painful period cycle, painful bloating, fatigue and just I felt like sh**. I'd tried different supplements & convinced myself that I had tried everything. I love Holly's approach to the individual. She took time to understand what was going on with me. Through education, testing, diet, a gut protocol and her guidance, we were able to settle my symptoms. I'm sleeping better, period pain is minimal most months now, less bloating & I have such a great understanding of what my body needs and can no longer handle which is just so valuable. The greatest thing I have learnt is these things take time.. A 4 week diet isn't going to fix anything. Thank you so much Holly, I'll be forever grateful for the work we have done!

Sam Amore

Working with Holly has been wonderful, she is so knowledgeable and I have learnt so much in the short time that I have been working with her. I noticed results very soon after starting to implement Holly’s suggestions and I now feel better than I have in many years. I also better understand why my body and mind are reacting the way that they do which is so empowering. I am so grateful for Holly and would highly recommend her course.