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I am excited to offer you an online education catalog which walks you through a beginner level of functional medicine knowledge right through to advanced principles across 12 months. My hope is to expand your knowledge of women’s health and fertility to make you the best practitioner/coach you can be.

Sign up to join other like-minded health professionals, cut through the BS of health, fertility and fitness dogma, and start diggin’ deep into understanding the tools and techniques to empower women to take control of their own bodies and choices that will lead them back to vitality.

The Industry Training Curriculum

Over the 12 months, you will gain access to each stage of learning. Moving from beginner through to advanced, the lectures are designed to allow you to go from one to the next understanding fundamental concepts and then more niche.

As part of the 12 month industry training access, you will also gain access to The Womb, Holly’s one-stop education platform. In the womb you have access to three seperate courses: Health Ed with Holly, Find Your Fertility and Fix Your Brain. As well as the courses, you will gain access to the private podcast, webinars, e-books, blog posts and discounted private sessions with Holly.


These 7 lectures are designed to help you be introduced to functional medicine topics such as gut health, brain health, reproductive health and more. One lecture offers guidance on brand and business strategy to assist with those in their early stages of alternative medicine business. Each lecture runs for an hour and covers a wide range of subjects under each heading.
  1. Gut Health
  2. Brain Health
  3. Psychological/Emotional Coaching
  4. Brand Development
  5. Reproductive Health
  6. Charting
  7. Autoimmunity
These 5 lectures offer an insight to understanding both blood chemistry and stool analysis from the functional medicine lense. A course manual is also provided and sent out to students on sign up. Holly discusses a wide range of blood chemistry from immune panels, hormones, LFT and more.
  1. CBC’s (Complete Blood Count)
  2. Hormone (sex, thyroid and insulin) markers
  3. Inflammation and cholesterol markers
  4. LFT and protein markers
  5. Comprehensive stool analysis
For 6 months Holly mentored a small group of coaches on intricate subjects ranging from chronic fatigue through to cognitive disorders. These short lectures offer insight into specific health issues providing a deeper understanding of nuanced issues.
  1. Neurodevelopment/Children’s Health
  2. Neurodevelopment Part 2
  3. Fertility Part 1
  4. Fertility Part 2
  5. Male Fertility
  6. Food Allergies
  7. Labs for food allergies
  8. Infections - Introduction
  9. Infections - Viruses
  10. Infections - Bacteria
  11. Infections - Mold/Ticks
  12. Blood Sugar Part 1
  13. Blood Sugar Part 2
  14. Protocol Management
  15. Chronic Fatigue
  16. Chronic Pain Syndromes

Topics Covered

Gut Health

Brain Health

Reproductive Health


Blood Sugar Management


Chronic Fatigue


Infections & Protocols

Functional laboratories
(bloods and stool analysis)


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Investing in your knowledge and expertise in women's health and fertility will pay off in more ways than one. By completing my 12 month industry training program, you'll be able to provide a richer client experience and offer more comprehensive solutions to complex health concerns. This will position you to charge more for your services and attract more referrals from satisfied clients. In addition, with an expanded skill set and more profound knowledge, you'll be able to provide better outcomes and improve your clients' lives. So why wait? Invest in your knowledge today and become the go-to expert in women's health and fertility.

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