Health Ed with Holly

Health Ed with Holly is a self-paced course, designed to help usher you into health freedom. It has been formulated to introduce fundamental principles of health, and then opening up to the deeper topics of digestive health, stress mechanisms and brain function. As you go through this journey of learning, be sure to have a notepad! Holly drops a lot of truthbombs and many underground facts about nutrition, microbes, neurotransmitters & more, and she shows you how you can be the champion in your own health journey.


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Find Your Fertility

The best is yet to come sis! Find Your Fertility is a journey through preconception, pregnancy and birth, offering the latest science and research in regards to sperm health, ovarian health, how gut health influences our offspring, and what factors need to be considered if fertility is becoming problematic.

But first! You must complete Health Ed with Holly to attend this course. Many of the basic principles for fertility are addressed in that course, and this one will act as a vehicle for deeper biochemical understanding.


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