The Free-range Fertility Summit

Empowering Natural Conception, Embracing Holistic Fertility and Creating Conscious Mothers

Are your dreams of parenthood overshadowed by the pressure of time?
Does the anxiety of unfulfilled conception cast a cloud over your journey?

What if you could tap into the wisdom of Free-range Fertility and decode your unique path to conception? Could a minor adjustment unlock your body's natural fertility potential? Or, a newfound understanding of your fertility journey illuminate a path to parenthood?

Welcome to the transformative world of Free-range Fertility.

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Journeying Towards Parenthood in 2023...

Learn Nature's Fertility Secrets from 9 Esteemed Experts

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Welcome to the Free-range Fertility Summit

This unique and empowering event brings together 8 leading experts in the field of fertility, ready to guide you through all stages of your fertility and parenting journey. The summit covers an incredible range of topics from pre-conception to postpartum, and every intricate stage in between. It's time to understand and harness the power of your natural fertility and cut dependency on invasive procedures once and for all!

What is the Free-range Fertility approach?

The Free range Fertility approach represents the future of reproductive wellness because it integrates the full spectrum of wellbeing - physical, emotional, and mental - in its fertility enhancement strategies. This method appreciates the complexities of fertility and empowers individuals to understand and harness their body's inherent capabilities, breaking away from a one-size-fits-all model. By marrying traditional wisdom, cutting-edge science, and personalised care, it addresses the unique fertility needs and challenges of each individual. This comprehensive approach helps individuals and couples optimise their health, wellbeing, and lifestyle, which are the foundations of fertility, thereby increasing the chances of conception and nurturing a healthy pregnancy. The Free-range Fertility approach is effective because it views fertility not just as a biological process, but a holistic journey towards parenthood that involves every facet of one's life.


Our chosen professionals, with their vast experience and accomplishments, have empowered thousands globally on their fertility journeys. They have committed to sharing their wisdom in the Free-range Fertility Summit. Their participation affirms their shared mission - assisting you on your enriching journey towards motherhood.

Join us and learn from these luminaries:

Simon Peterson, DC & App. Kin:
"Aligning Your Body for Parenthood: The Role of Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy and Birth"

Discover the profound impact of chiropractic care on pregnancy and birth. Simon will illustrate how alignment of the physical body can facilitate a positive birthing experience and foster your 'free-range' fertility journey.

Miranda Myles, ND & Acupuncturist:
"Bridging Nature with Science: Improving IVF Outcomes through Naturopathy and Nutrition"

Miranda shines a light on the role of natural remedies in augmenting IVF success rates. Learn how integrating naturopathic strategies and nutritional support can amplify your fertility, setting the stage for your free-range conception journey.

Malinda Morrison, RN & Midwifery:
"Reimagining Obstetrics: The Indispensable Role of Midwifery in Women's Health"

Understand the crucial role of midwifery in women's health and fertility. Malinda challenges conventional wisdom to reveal why OBGYNs, while important, aren't the only path to a successful pregnancy. Embrace your 'free-range' fertility through informed choice.

Ben Cant, BAppsc(Biochem):
"Building Blocks of Life: Why Sperm Health is Crucial for Conception and Beyond"

Ben explains the significance of sperm health not just for conception, but also for the health of your future child. Embark on your free-range fertility journey armed with an understanding of the foundational elements of life.

Olivia Orchowski:
"Bridging the Gap with FemTech: Incorporating Technology and Exercise in Your Fertility Journey"

Olivia discusses how FemTech can empower you on your conception journey and why exercise is vital for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Embrace this tech-infused approach to foster your 'free-range' fertility journey.

Kimberley Peters, BSc. TCM:
"Womb Wisdom: Exploring the Healing Power of Womb Medicine in Fertility and Post-Partum Care"

Kimberley advocates for the empowering experience of womb medicine/massage as the first step in any fertility and post-partum journey. Understand the healing power of your body and the potential for 'free-range' fertility.

Lauren Curtain, BSc. TCM:
"Balancing Your Chi for Motherhood: Traditional Chinese Medicine in Reproductive Health"

Lauren introduces the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its potential role in optimising reproductive health. Immerse yourself in these time-tested techniques to enhance your 'free-range' fertility journey.

Georgie Barrow, BAppSc Chinese Medicine/ BAppSc Human Biology
"Nurturing New Mothers: Post-Partum Self-Care for Optimal Health and Well-being"

Georgie emphasises the importance of self-care in the post-partum period. Learn valuable strategies to support yourself after birth, rounding out your 'free-range' fertility journey.

Nadia Zekaria, B Psy Sc. & Breath work Instructor
“Why the partner we choose and the inner work we do impacts the future children we have”

In this interview Nadia discusses the role of trauma, relationship dynamics and the intergenerational impact of our nervous system on our children.


The Free-range Fertility Summit: More than a summit, it's your vibrant, fulfilling, and fertile journey.

Who Is This Event For?

The Free-range Fertility Summit is tailored for those journeying towards parenthood and facing:

Unexplained Infertility
Loss of Hope & Negative Thinking
PCOS or Endometriosis
Failed IVF
Age-Related Concerns
Pregnancy Loss or Miscarriage
Hormonal Imbalances
Low AMH/High FSH
Low Sperm Count
Irregular Cycles
Poor Egg Quality
Post Partum

Regardless of where you stand on your fertility journey, the Free-range Fertility Summit provides insights, strategies, and support.

What Will You Gain From the Summit?

Holistic Understanding

Learn about fertility from a broad perspective, integrating mind, body, and spirit.

Nutritional Strategies:

Understand the role of nutrition in enhancing fertility and successful conception.

Physical Vitality:

Understand the importance of exercise and chiropractic care for a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Mental Well-being:

Gain insights into mental and emotional wellness and their impacts on your fertility journey.

Alternative Therapies:

Dive into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, womb medicine, and naturopathy, learning how they can support your fertility.

Sperm Health Knowledge:

Understand the crucial role of sperm health in conception and the health of your future child.

IVF Optimisation:

Learn strategies to improve IVF outcomes, integrating natural remedies with scientific techniques.

Post-Partum Self-Care:

Equip yourself with essential guidance on self-care and healing during the transformative post-partum period.

Your Host: Holly Sinclair

I'm Holly Sinclair, your guide and host. I have devoted my life to the study of human fertility. My journey began with personal experience when I found myself confronting the challenges of infertility. The exploration and research that followed led to the successful conception and birth of my child. This personal journey ignited a passion for fertility education and advocacy. As a result, I founded Freerange Fertility to offer you a reliable and comprehensive resource for your fertility journey.

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The Freerange Fertility Summit is not just an event - it's a movement towards embracing natural fertility and reducing our dependence on artificial interventions. We believe in making this knowledge accessible to all, which is why we're offering lifetime access passes at an incredibly affordable rate.

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Is This Summit for You?

If you've been struggling to conceive, feel overwhelmed by the myriad of fertility advice available, or are seeking a holistic and natural approach to conception, then the Free-range Fertility Summit is for you.

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